Pegs: Pegs sometimes stick and are hard to turn. Sometimes all it

takes is a little peg compound to help free them up. This compound

has a similar consistency as a waxed crayon. A little bit goes a long

way. Pegs can sometimes slip as well. Especially during the winter

months. Pegs are ebony and the peg box (scroll) is maple. They

dehydrate at different rates during the winter because of their

composition. Sometimes, a little inward pressure with your fingers

as you tune will help alleviate this problem.

Bridges: Bridges can sometimes lean forward after constant tuning.

The pressure from the string can bring the bridge towards a improper

position. Slightly release the tension on the strings and pull the bridge

into the proper position of near perpendicular with a slight lean

towards the tailpiece of the instrument. This is if the feet of

your bridge were cut correctly.

Tuning:  When bringing the instrument to pitch, slightly loosen the

string and bring the instrument UP to pitch. This will help you

from breaking strings and the string will stay in pitch when performed

in this manner.

Hope this helps, please feel free to contact me should you need help

with any of these or different problems that you may have.